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Electronics and Industrial Equipment

  • Base for 50% of the world’s top 15 global electronics distributors.
  • Excel point Technology and Serial System.
  • Leading manufacturer of enterprise hard disk drives.
  • Home to 6 of the world’s top electronics manufacturing services companies.
  • A key hub brokering and financing infrastructure deals.
  • Home to the World Bank’s Infrastructure and Urban Development Hub global office.
  • Base for top heavy machinery global companies.

Personal Effects, Pharmaceutical and Textiles

  • A global pharmaceutical manufacturing base.
  • A place where consumer businesses drive regional growth strategies for Asia’s consumer markets.
  • Known for being safe, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Internationally recognised standards and certification.

Agricultural, Raw Materials, Food and Beverages

  • Ranked second globally for global food security.
  • Rigorous food safety standards and certification.
  • Asia Pacific hub for grains, palm oil, rubber and sugar.
  • World pricing hub for rubber.
  • Home to over 70% of the top agri-commodities trading companies.
  • 20% share of global agri-commodities trade.

Oil, Gas, Fuel Transportation

  • Asia’s largest physical oil trading hub and price discovery centre.
  • Asia’s largest concentration of oil storage, with 10 million m3 of independent oil storage capacity.
  • World’s largest bunkering port.
  • Home to over 80% of the top 30 oil & gas companies.

Automotive, Aviation, Logistics and Repair Hub

  • A base from which automotive companies from where they oversee their regional operations.
  • A regional logistics base for aftermarket spare distribution.
  • Asia’s leading aviation hub and leader in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

Iron Ore, Coal, Metal Exchange Warehouses

  • Key hub for base metals, iron ore and coal.
  • 8 London Metal Exchange warehouses.
  • Clearing center for over 90% of globally-traded iron ore swaps.